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Best’s first album had a wide spectrum of musical influences, from children’s favorite Raffi to Paul McCartney to European pop/funk group Jamiroquai. The album's multifaceted nature gives children the opportunity to learn various styles of music in a fun, age-appropriate way. The album features stories of relatable characters for children. There are stories of a wee chihuahua dreaming of being a mighty luchador in “Chico Santiaga”,  a self-assured lizard who seeks to share his confidence with others in “The Name Iz Lizard” , and the titular “Emerson the Moose” a song about curious moose who sets out on an adventure across the United States.


In 2017, Best released “Outside EP”, a small collection of summer-themed songs celebrating the joy of the great outdoors from a child’s perspective. The third track, entitled “Rollercoaster Ride”, was a favorite of children’s radio shows “Radio Active Kids” and “Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl”. “Rollercoaster Ride” explores the journey of children from facing the fear of riding a rollercoaster for the first time to the triumph of finishing the ride and eagerly anticipating the next one. The title track “Outside” is all about the wonder and majesty you find simply by stepping through your front door, from the animals playing and beautiful flowers, to the awe-inspiring starry sky.


In April of 2018, Best released a special “Deluxe Edition” of his “Emerson the Moose” album featuring all-new bonus tracks in addition to all the original favorites. One of the new tracks "Memphis Moose" is a second chapter in the story of Emerson the Moose in which he explores the city of Memphis, TN. In addition to the bonus songs, the special reissue featured brand new artwork by designer Lindsey Glenn.


Andrew's latest project is a series of exclusive songs for his email subscribers featuring new monthly songs such as "Billy Bub's Pickup Truck", the story of a man obsessed with his truck and "Green Bean Casserole", a song (and music video) celebrating the delicious Thanksgiving staple!  Click here to sign up for the email updates and download the exclusive songs.





Singer/Songwriter Andrew Best creates quality music for families with both children and parents in mind. Best's musical goal is to create songs that are engaging and entertaining to children, while also pleasing to ears of parents. Best writes music that appeals to children with its whimsy and simplicity and to adults with its wit and style. He hopes that this unique combination will allow the whole family to enjoy his music together.


Best grew up singing in church and playing in the marching band at school in his small East Texas town. His love of music and the creative arts brought him to Nashville, TN at the age of 19 to pursue a B.A. in Songwriting at Belmont University. While at Belmont he uncovered a knack for writing songs for children through a class assignment. He continued writing songs for children through college and released his first album “Emerson the Moose and Other Songs for Children” in 2012 upon graduating and moving to Memphis, TN.



About Andrew

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